This project created a set of three subjective maps, devised in collaboration with community groups in Paisley. They all explore the town from new and unusual perspectives, and leave space for the viewer’s own interpretations or additions. This website gathers together the research, images and media created by the groups and can be explored through a digital map, or letting chance take over with our ‘random journey’ creator.

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This map was created by the STAR project group, from their knowledge of and interest in the town and its history.

By navigating distinctive features of the town the group started to add information to their map. This included architectural highlights, an interest in public statues and more subjective information such as ‘the best chippy’.

From here the group created a walking tour of Paisley which they led the following week. The tour lasted around 1 hour and was a fascinating way to learn about the town with each member of the group taking turns to present.

The final map presented here has two sides. One allowing you to follow the tour devised by the STAR project, highlighting their sites of interest, and one completely blank - can you create your own map of Paisley with illustrations, text and markers? What would you want to show visitors to the town?

Download map


This map was created by the ROAR project group, from their experience of exploring the urban environment of Paisley.

By creating a set of cards with instructions and directions on them, and drawing these out at random, the group undertook a ‘dérive’ – a journey through the town – with no set destination in mind. The theorist Guy Debord describes a dérive as an unplanned journey through a landscape ... in which participants drop their everyday assumptions and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there.

By experiencing the town in this way, many stories came to light. The group then created collages of the places they visited and the things they documented.

You can create your own set of cards by cutting out the cards on the other side of this map, or by devising your own.

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The CREATE project group have created this map speculating on the future of Paisley, and taken their messages out in to the streets.

The group discussed what Paisley might be like in 2050, and how the town might be different. This map makes speculations about changes that might take place, and encourages us to think about the town as it is now, by imagining its future.

The newspaper on the reverse of the map asks us to complete these stories by adding our own images and text. What sort of story would you write about a future Paisley? What would you like to see happen in your town?

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